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Our clients feedback

Due to client privacy these testimonials are anonymous

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Senior Executive 

I have been impressed with the professionalism and the exceptional quality of Kingfisher's coaches. They always act in the client's best interest and conduct their business with the highest level of confidence and integrity.

Senior Management, NSW Government 

I have never been one to think I needed or would benefit from coaching. I was very wrong, it has been a very positive experience. It has not only benefitted my professional growth, but really has helped my wellbeing. Moving positions and have a coach was so helpful to reflect and work on focus areas. Sheree has been a great coach.

Personal Client

I am very impressed with Kingfisher Coaching Services and my personal coach. Enrolling in the program has afforded me the dedicated time to discuss current work issues and priorities, and workshop solutions and action plans. As a result of the coaching sessions I can see improvements in work practices that has not only benefited myself but also the organisation.

Senior Executive 

Kingfisher services approach to individual 360 degree feedback is very authentic and value-adding processes. The service isn't a cookie cut approach and is tailored around the individual's needs and areas of growth. I found the experience beneficial to my current role and future professional development."

Senior Leader

The level of support provided by individual coaching sessions has been key in the development of my skills and improving self-awareness to better enable my contribution at work to improve the organisation that I work for. In addition, the skills and processes I have undertaken have helped in my personal life. Coaching has enabled time for reflection and insight which has led to improved communication and relationship management. Improved management of teams and focus shift has enable more strategic thinking and actions at work.

Senior Executive 

I have been working with a coach from Kingfisher Coaching Service for many years. I have found the entire experience of working with a coach from this company to be excellent. The coaches are well trained and very experienced in their role and exceptional at assisting managers and leaders. I have been challenged to stretch and to step out of my comfort zone and to strive to grow and develop personally and professionally. The goals achieved are well worth the effort invested in this relationship.

Personal Client

We procured Kingfisher Coaching Services to provide HR and strategic support in 2018 and 2019. 


The HR requirements included:

  • Coaching the leadership team and other senior leaders to better manage themselves and their teams in a highly complex, changing and often ambiguous environment; Culture and team building; and Conflict management.

The strategic work included:

  • Performance planning; Mapping out the organisational structure to achieve long term strategic goals; Supporting leaders with work reviews; and Continuous improvement.

Kingfisher Coaching Services played a vital role in ensuring that our organisation was able to achieve its deliverables. I highly recommend their services.

Senior Executive

I have worked with Kingfisher Coaching services for a few years. Initially, I was the recipient of coaching which I found to be most helpful during a time of significant change. I have more recently engaged Kingfisher Coaching to coach and mentor senior members of my executive team. Feedback from my team has indicated great engagement, significant benefits and up skilling for individuals and a very flexible approach in our engagement. I would recommend Kingfisher Coaching to any Executive Team for personal and team development.

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