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Kingfisher Coaching Services 


5292 Turramurra South 2074



 +61 (04) 32056696



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Whilst we are based in Sydney we do work with clients across Australia, Asia or Globally. To make it easier for you and us we have created a small contact form for you to submit your inquiry. Please allow 48hrs for us to get back in touch with you. 

  • Our coaching sessions are delivered via on-site meetings, meetings off-site, telephone calls or video conferencing in order to make it easier for you to get the best benefits from our business and to fit with your schedule and needs. 

  • If you would like to meet up within our area please give us a call. If you are outside our area we can arrange phone calls or video chats. 

Opening Hours (EST)

Mon-Fri 8:00am to 9:00pm

Saturday 9:00am to 6:00pm

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Get in touch !

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Thanks for submitting! You'll hear from us soon 

Have a great day!

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