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Employee mediation and conflict resolution

To help both parties resolve any type of dispute by reaching a longer-lasting agreement that is considerate and fair to everyone involved and considers the needs of the organisation and the job roles.

Mediation is a fair and respectful process that is focused on achieving solutions everyone can live with.  The mediation process has many advantages, including that it is: 

  • empowering – with the ability to make your own decisions that reflect your personal and work circumstances

  • practical – future-focused, designed to be applied to your work circumstances and daily life

  • positive – building on existing relationships through a collaborative approach

  • flexible – we can work out times and places to suit all parties; and

  • confidential – there is a high degree of confidentiality as to what is discussed.

Individual discussions held initially

Delivered over series of meetings

Virtual delivery via teams or zoom

Follow-up session held post mediation

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